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A home of hope in the heart of Bethlehem

For many years, the population of Bethlehem have been semi-confined. This restriction of movement has had a negative effect on all concerned and has led to increases in depression and other physical and mental health issues. This climate of heavy social tension, particularly acute in the young, has been further exacabated by Covid.

To answer this we ask you to join us in building a house of dialogue, culture and support in the heart of Bethlehem. The Dar Al Majus (House of the Three Kings) will benefit the local community and will directly impact more than 600 vulnerable community members per year by providing vocational training, employment, and entrepreneurship support. If needed psycho-social support will be provided including music therapy sessions and referral services

We are making progress but your support is needed to complete this important project



After the property was acquired,  we provided for the clearing and cleaning of the entire building that had been abandoned for many years. These works created job opportunities for local workers.




Local architects and designers  where involved to carry out surveys and design the project for the renovation and distribution of spaces where the activities of the center will take place. 


The project for the new centre was completed and approved by all the competent authorities and by the Custos of the Holy Land, Father Francesco Patton.

All is now set to start the renovation works! Help us start!

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