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Dar Al Majus

Community Home Dar Al Majus, The House of the three kings, was born as a space for meeting and concrete support. The main goal is to improve services to protect young people and women in a context like the one of Bethlehem Governorate, where the permanent state of conflict and the limited freedom of movement generate a precarious economic situation allied with a climate of social tension.

The project involves the creation of a space where each person will be welcomed and followed closely within the center, which will be subdivided into three areas of support: Listening and Support Area, Work Assistance Area, Cultural Center Area.

Terra Sancta Museum

A world class museum in the heart of the Old city of Jerusalem showcasing the archaeological and historical collections amassed by the Franciscan brotherhood over the last 800 years.

With parts of the collections only seen previously as part of the touring collection at The Metropolitan museum New York and the Palace of Versaille in Paris.

Who we are

Pro Terra Sancta UK (PTS UK), a UK Charity dedicated to funding projects in the Middle East that support education; preserve cultural and archaeological heritage, and provide opportunities for the local population and economy.

The funds we raise will go directly to educational projects and conservation activities of the Custodia Terra Sancta, the name by which the Franciscans of the Order of Friars Minor are known today. Founded by Saint Francis in 1209, the Friars have been present in the Middle East for over 800 years.

PRO TERRA SANCTA UK is a Charitable Incorporated Organization, Registered with the UK Charity Commission – Charity Number 1178965

Support our projects

Every gift can help us achieve our goals to preserve cultural and archaeological heritage, and provide opportunities for the local population and economy.

Dar Al Majus

A home of hope a few steps from the Church of the Nativity.

The House will benefit the local community and will directly impact more than 600 vulnerable community members (youth, women, mothers, children) per year by providing vocational training, employment, and entrepreneurship support, and/or psycho-social support, including music therapy sessions and referral services.

Terra Sancta Museum

We are excited that the archeological part of the Museums are now open to the public and we are seeking supporters and donors to join us in raising £3 million to ensure the completion of this project.

Museum’s objects of precious artefacts spans over 2000 years of history and will preserve this Cultural heritage for generations to come.


    Your day in Jerusalem

    Visit the most important Holy Places of the three main monotheistic religions: the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and the Holy Sepulchre discovering the traditions, rites and cultures of Jews, Christians and Muslims who coexist in the Middle East.

    The magic of discovery

    Pro Terra Sancta Network promotes itineraries and experiences of sustainable tourism, enhancing the cultural, historical, religious and artistic uniqueness of the Holy Land and the meeting with local communities.

    Pro Terra Sancta UK is part of Pro Terra Sancta Network

    Discover more about our work in the Middle East

    Pro Terra Sancta is a network developed to foster bonds between the Holy Land and the world
    with projects that support local communities and preserve Holy Places. The Holy Land is the center of the world, a land where people, cultures and faiths come together in celebration.
    Supporting pro Terra Sancta projects celebrates the Holy Land, creating a lasting bond with the
    Holy Places and ancient Christian communities. 

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