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About Us

Pro Terra Sancta UK is a UK registered Charity (N.1178965).The charity is part of the Pro Terra Sancta Network, a network committed to preserving the cultural heritage and supporting the local communities in the contexts in which it operates, supporting the work of the Franciscan Friars of the Custody of the Holy Land, and local charitable works at the service of the weakest. In addition, the Association is committed to providing humanitarian aid to all those in need, operating with the desire to meet everyone regardless of all religious affiliation, social status and ethnic origin.

Pro Terra Sancta UK

A UK registered Charity working in support and promotion of selected Pro Terra Sancta projects in keeping with its UK Charitable mandate.

Association Pro Terra Sancta

A non-governmental charitable organisation entered onto register of NGO of AICS – the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. PTS has EuropeAid ID number, which gives access to EU funds. PTS is recognised in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon.

Pro Terra Sancta Network

A non-profit entity created to support fundraising of pro Terra Sancta projects through communication, events, tour, experiences promoted to strengthen the link among people, charities, institutions, churches. The goal is to bring together people from all backgrounds, cultures and religions.

iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta

IBreviary APP Mobile is a community of users that is born and lives around the use of the iBreviary, a portable breviary for praying the Liturgy of the Hours. The application was founded by Father Paolo Padrini and is developed by the pro Terra Sancta network. The iBreviary community supports and promotes pro Terra Sancta projects.


How We Got Started

The Franciscans Order of Friars Minor has been present in the south-eastern Mediterranean region since the earliest days of the Order.

Saint Francis of Assisi sent the first friars minor overseas, immediately after the Pentecost Chapter of 1217. He himself became a pilgrim of peace in the Holy Land in 1219, when he came to meet Sultan Malek-El-Kamel, and his encounter with the Saracens is an example of how even today we can and must interact with the peoples of other faiths and cultures.

In 1219 Francis reached the Fifth Crusade at Damietta in Egypt and, without taking notice of the military actions of the Christians, went to the camp of Sultan Malek-El-Kamel. He spent several days with the Sultan, professing his Christian faith with conviction and respect.

Founded by St. Francis in 1209, the Franciscan Order was officially commissioned by the Church in the 13th century to protect the Holy Places in the Holy Land in the name of all of Christianity and is today present in the following countries: Israel, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, and Rhodes.

Our Mission

To foster bonds between the Holy Land and the world

Our Projects

Pro Terra Sancta Projects are implemented in collaboration with the Custody of the Holy Land, as well as local charities, where Pro Terra Sancta NGO acts as project sponsor, manager and coordinator. 

The goal is to bring together people from all backgrounds, cultures and religions who wish to support the social, educational and cultural projects.

The projects we promote represent a great opportunity to share cultural heritage of inestimable value from unique places such as Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Open to Christians from all over the world, to people of all faiths and nationalities and to all those who have a thirst for knowledge

Dar al Majus Community Home

Pro Terra Sancta UK wishes to contribute to improving the economic and cultural living conditions of the Palestinian population. The project aims to recover and enhance an abandoned and degraded building in the ancient city of Bethlehem a few steps from the Church of the Nativity to start the “Dar Al-Majus -Community Home” center.

Terra Sancta Museum

The Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land, with the Association pro Terra Sancta and Studium Biblicum Franciscanum have been working for some years on the set up of the Terra Sancta Museum, the first museum in the world on the roots of Christianity and the preservation of the Holy Places.