Pro Terra Sancta UK | To foster bonds between the Holy Land and the world

To foster bonds between the Holy Land and the world

Pro Terra Sancta is a non-profit organization who works in three different areas:

1. Preservation and Development: By contributing to the preservation of the Holy Places, the Association pro Terra Sancta is commited to raising awareness of their value in all local communities.

2. Education and Support projects give assistance to the poorest and neediest. They are focused on the education of new generations to build hope for a future of peace and development.
Various projects have been carried out both directly and in collaboration with charitable works in the Holy Land, to assist the needy (with particular atention to disabled children and women with difficulties) and to train the new generations of young people.

3. Humanitarian emergencies in the Middle East, to restore the peace and support the local communities in need.


Dar Al Majus

Community Home Dar Al Majus, The House of the three kings, was born as a space for meeting and concrete support. The main goal is to improve services to protect young people and women in a context like the one of Bethlehem Governorate, where the permanent state of conflict and the limited freedom of movement generate a precarious economic situation allied with a climate of social tension.

The project involves the creation of a space where each person will be welcomed and followed closely within the center, which will be subdivided into three areas of support: Listening and Support Area, Work Assistance Area, Cultural Center Area.

Terra Sancta Museum

A world class museum in the heart of the Old city of Jerusalem showcasing the archaeological and historical collections amassed by the Franciscan brotherhood over the last 800 years.

With parts of the collections only seen previously as part of the touring collection at The Metropolitan museum New York and the Palace of Versaille in Paris.

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Pro Terra Sancta Network promotes itineraries and experiences of sustainable tourism, enhancing the cultural, historical, religious and artistic uniqueness of the Holy Land and the meeting with local communities.

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